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Possible Litters
Clementine & Rosalina

WAITLIST is OPEN for these litters!


Early Neurological Stimulation

3-16 days

Puppy Culture

Give your puppy a voice!

The proof is in the puppies!


Species appropriate diet!

Carnivores eat herbivores!

Aptitude Testing

20+ year experience matching Puppy to home situation


2023 MOMS

Narnia's Miss Clementine



34lbs & 18" tall


30 lbs & 14" tall

will be bred to dark red phantom

will be bred to dark red


​Clementine (Lucy) is excellent mom with zero curl. 

Rosalina is zero curl and so fun!

I am very excited to see what these girls produce. Looking for parti stud with clear dna, negative curl and double furnishings. 


Narnia's Lady of the Shooting Stars (Rosalina)

It is so exciting to get a new puppy! Goldendoodles are the BEST!


I am so excited about our next litters.

Looking for dark red phantom parti for Clementine.

Will most likely use Sullivan at MittenDoodles for Rosalina.


Genetics are so thrilling!!

Clementine is F/IC on  furnishings, and -/- on curl, easier care coat.

Rosalina  is F/F and -/- curl which gives an easy care, wavy coat!

Once you've had a zero curl goldendoodle, you won't look at curls the same.

Both have sweet temperaments. Excited to see these puppies.

Clementine is 46% golden retriever. Rosalina is 33% golden retriever. 

Clementine is also hidden phantom; kyky, atat with intense red.

We are participating in the Institute of Canine Biology's Hip Dysplasia Project. 

Traction mats, natural whelping in dark. We love science!

All puppies will have furnishings and most will have easy care, wavy coat!


This questionnaire helps you and me to get focus on your lifestyle and

what you want, so we can match best puppy to fit your family and goals.


We hope you and these puppies are part of our family forever!


MarioParty litter
Lady Rose and Yoshi Sr




  1. Fill out Questionnaire.

  2. Make reservation. ($100)

  3. When waitlist is full & girls are in season, breeding will be done.

  4. After litter is confirmed, clients on reservation list will be notified of timing.

  5. Client may then make deposit ($400).

  6. PuppyCulture With Open Arms curriculum will be given to paid deposits to enjoy while they wait for their Puppy!


Narnia Mini Goldendoodles Reservation is $100.00. 

Deposit is $400 once breeding is confirmed and timing is acceptable.


Companion Puppies are $2000-5000 for multi-generational, naturally reared, 

Puppy Cultured, Narnia Mini Goldendoodles.

Breeding rights are available, since our goals are to produce correct structure, calm temperament, furnished breeding stock to improve Mini Goldendoodles as a breed.

Nationwide price range for multi-gen mini goldendoodles

with -/- curl, clear dna and  F/F wavy coat is $3000-6000.


Deposits can be made via PayPal, ApplePay, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp or Wave invoice.

The final payment for our Puppies are due before picking up Puppy.

We have an excellent Flight Nanny who transports in cabin

for about $700 -800 plus health certificate if you cannot travel to Oklahoma. 

Reservation and/or Deposit are non-refundable.

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