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A New Hope Litter


HanSolo 1 year

Yoda 1 year


ObiWan Kenobi


Chewy 1 year


Princess Leia 1 year

As you can see F1b puppies are very curly.

Personally, I do not want to comb out curly puppy everyday. 

More research for me!

We now breed multi-generational mini goldendoodles

for specific traits, correct structure and wonderful temperament. 

As you can see, these F1b puppies are very curly.

Personally, I didn't want to groom curly dogs.

We now breed multi-generational mini goldendoodles!



Southern Belles

Future mom, Tootsie (Pheobe) Stackish 2020.jpg
Future mom, Clementine (Lucy)
Buttercup 6months old. Loves her family and plays soccer!
Peaches at 12wks. I love her sweet expression!
Dumplin' is a sweet heart who sleeps with mom and plays with two yorkie sisters.
CutiePie (Ruby) always ready for fun!

The Band

Banjo 6 weeks old (Simba)
Cello 6 weeks old (Bailey)
Bongo 6 weeks old (Bowie)
Cowbelle 6 weeks old (Molly Mae)
Piccolo 6 weeks old (Zoey)
Kazoo 6 weeks old (Denver)
Ukulele 6 weeks old (Nocona)

Mario Party

MarioPartyLitter 6 weeks old

Narnia Mini Goldendoodles

Cuddles and curls with wagging tails!

May the God of Heaven bless you

with wisdom

as you search for a companion

to love for a lifetime. 

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