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Lady Rose of Narnia

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Lady Rose of Narnia

unless otherwise noted. 

LadyRoseOfNarnia loves Pawsh!
MessyHairDontCare LadyRose

Lady Rose of Narnia is retired.

Narnia's Miss Clementine



Clementine is the darkest red, negative curl and a bundle of fun!

Although she has one copy cddy, she moves lovely and should be wonderful mother. 

Her Guardian Family said she was easiest puppy to raise they had ever had!


Narnia's Lady of the Shooting Stars


Rosalina 6 wks.jpg

Rosalina is
negative curl,
clear of cddy and
all genetic diseases. 

We hope she matures as lovely as Lady Rose.

She is smart and loves to wrestle with her brother, Yoshi Jr. 

This girl!
Wow, I love her sweetness!
Excited to see your puppies soon!

Rosalina freshly groomed. :)

Sir Yoshi Maximus Duke of Narnia Lord of Raintree

(Yoshi Jr)

YoshiJrMax 6 weeks old.jpg

This handsome tuxedo stud has

double furnishings, negative curl, parti-factor, perfectly even little white shoes and tiny white tip of tail.



Clear of CDDY and all genetic diseases.

Known as Max at his Guardian Home,


he loves the outdoors and his family.

He is available for stud via chilled semen.

33lb & 19" tall

34% golden retriever

Calm & intelligent!

YoshiJr 16 weeks old

Interested in YoshiJr for stud?

Thanks for submitting!

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